Reconstruction of the
2001 South Harting (1) formation

1. Draw a circle. Draw the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Divide the centerlines into four equal parts. To do so, copy circle 1 (with its center) to the end-points of the centerlines and draw the lines connecting the intersections with the original circle.

3. Construct five circles with a radius half that of circle 1, one concentric with it, the other four with their centers at the intersections of the centerlines and the dividing lines 2.

4. Construct an octagon (regular 8-sided polygon) circumscribing circle 1, with the middle of a side coincident with an end-point of a centerline.

5. Construct the circumscribed circle of the octagon.

6. Draw the ray from the center to the angular point of the octagon on the right, the one above the horizontal centerline.
Construct the inscribed octagon of circle 1, with an angular point on the ray. All sides of this octagon are parallel to the corresponding ones of octagon 4.

7. Construct four circles inside of and concentric with the outer four of step 3, tangent to a side of octagon 6.

8. The middle circle of the horizontal row of three of circles 3 intersects the other two and the horizontal centerline at the angular points of a hexagon (regular 6-sided polygon). Each pair of circles forms a Vesica Pisces symbol, two equal circles passing through each other's center . Similarly, it does so with the vertical row and the vertical centerline. Construct both hexagons.

9. Construct the inscribed circle of the hexagons.

10. Construct an equilateral triangle, pointing up, from the angular points of the second hexagon.

11. Construct a circle, concentric with circle 1, passing through the intersections of the upstanding sides of the equilateral triangle and the horizontal centerline.

12. Construct a circle with its center at the intersection of the middle circle of circles 3 and the horizontal centerline, tangent to circle 11, at the near side.

13. Copy circle 12 to the center of the formation.

14. Construct four circles tangent to circle 1 at the inner side and each tangent to two adjacent circles 7, at the near side.

15. Circles 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 14 together form all the necessary ingredients.

16. Leaving out all superfluous parts and making black respective areas finishes the reconstruction of the 2001 South Harting (1) formation. Black denotes standing crop.

courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
photo by: David Russell
The final result matches nicely with the aerial image.


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