Reconstruction of the
2001 Pegsdon formation

1. Draw a circle and with it, the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Copy this circle with its center to the lower end of the vertical centerline.

3. Notice that, since both circles are equal and pass through each other's center, they form the Vesica Pisces symbol. Therefore, both intersecting points together with the upper end of the vertical centerline form an equilateral triangle.
Draw this triangle.

4. Construct the inscribed circle of this triangle.

5. Copy this circle four times, to both ends of the horizontal centerline and to both intersections of circle 4 with the vertical centerline.

6. Construct the inscribed hexagon (regular 6-sided polygon) of circle 1, pointing up.

7. In turn, construct the inscribed circle of hexagon 6.

8. The next circle to construct is one that fits between circles 7 and 4. To do so, first, copy circle 4 two times, one to the intersection of the horizontal centerline with circle 7 (on the right), the other to the intersection with the circle just copied (on the left), see figure.

9. The line connecting the intersecting points of the rightmost circle 5 with the latter circle 8 divides the part of the horizontal centerline between circles 7 and 4 into two equal parts. Construct this line.

10. Construct the circle tangent to circles 7 and 4, centered at the horizontal centerline.

11. Copy this circle to the center of the formation.

12. The vertical row of circles 4 and 5, again, form Vesica Pisces symbols. And again, an equilateral triangle can be constructed. Do so.

13. Construct the inscribed circle of this triangle.

14. Elongate the vertical centerline until it intersects circle 2 at its lowest point. Copy circle 13 to this point.

15. Circles 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 and 14 together form the basic parts for the final reconstruction.

16. Deleting all parts of circles not used, and making black relevant areas, finishes the reconstruction of the 2001 Pegsdon formation. Black denotes flattened crop.

courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Andrew King
This is how the match with the aerial image looks like.


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