Reconstruction of the
2001 Berwick Bassett formation

1. Draw a circle; this will form the outer circle of the formation. Draw the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Construct a regular 12-sided polygon (dodecagon), inscribed in this circle, with angular point at the endpoints of the centerlines.

3. Construct the inscribed circle of the dodecagon.

4. Construct an equilateral triangle, inscribed in circle 3, with one angular point pointing downwards.

5. Construct a circle with its center at the lower angular point of the equilateral triangle, passing through the other two angular points.

6. Repeat this for both other angular points, and trim away all parts lying outside the inner circle (circle 3).

7. Construct another dodecagon, inscribed in circle 3, with all sides parallel to those of the first dodecagon. Draw four diagonals, as shown.

8. Construct a circle, with the center at the intersection of two diagonals, tangent to the other two diagonals, as shown.

9. Copy this circle three times, with their centers at the angular points of the equilateral triangle.

10. Construct another equilateral triangle, with the angular points at intersections of the copied circles 9 and the circular segments 5 and 6, as shown.

11. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for this triangle, adding circular segments to the triangle.

12. Repeat step 9 for this triangle, copying three circles 8 to the angular points of the triangle.

13. Like step 10, construct again an equilateral triangle, this time from the intersections of circles 12 and circular segments 11.

14. Add again circular segments to the latest triangle, like in step 11.

15. Repeat steps 12, 13 and 14 over and over again, every time making use of the most recently added circles, triangles and circular segments, until a total of 10 triangles have been constructed, in a spiral-like way.

16. Outer circle and all circular segments together form the ingredients for the final reconstruction.

17. Making black every other area between the circular segments finishes the reconstruction of the 2001 Berwick Bassett formation (black denotes standing crop).

courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Stuart Dike
The final result, matched with the aerial image, shows a reasonable, but not 100%, fit.


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