Reconstruction of the
2001 Berranburgh Field formation

1. Draw a circle. Draw the horizontal and vertical centerlines.

2. Construct a regular 12-sided polygon (a dodecagon), inscribed in this circle, with angular points at the ends of the centerlines.

3. Draw the diagonals between angular points five apart, resulting in a twelve-pointed star.

4. Construct a circle concentric with the larger one, with a radius up to the intersection of two neighbouring diagonals, as shown.

5. Construct a circle with its center at an angular point of the twelve-pointed star, tangent to two adjacent diagonals (intersecting each other perpendicularly), as shown.

6. Repeat this another five times, up to a total of six circles, evenly distributed over the points of the twelve-pointed star.

7. Draw a circle concentric with one of the circles 6, and passing through two points of the twelve-pointed star, that are four apart from the one in the center, see figure.

8. Repeat this for the other two points just passed.

9. Construct an equilateral triangle from the three points of the twelve-pointed star half way in between the previous points, as shown.
Now, all ingredients are there.

10. Removing all superfluous parts results in the reconstruction of the 2001 Berranburgh Field formation. (Black denotes standing crop).

courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Peter Sørensen
The final result, matched with the aerial image.


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