Reconstruction of the
2000 South Field formation

1. Start with drawing a circle.

2. Draw eight centerlines at mutual angles of 22.5°.

3. From the endpoints of the centerlines, draw diagonals to form a sharp 16-pointed star.

4. Draw a circle, concentric to the large one, with a radius determined by the points at which diagonals cross at right angles, as shown.

5. Draw eight circles, centered at the cross-points of the previous circle and eight "spokes" in an alternate way. These circles have common cross-points at the same circle and the other spokes in between.

6. Draw a circle, again concentric, touching the eight previous circles at the inner side.
Draw 16 circles of the same size, centered at the endpoints of all spokes.

7. Draw a help line, also a "spoke", equally spaced between two existing spokes.

8. Centered at the endpoint of this help line, construct a small circle, going through the cross-points of the two neighbouring circles and the large circle of step 1.
Draw an equally sized small circle at the endpoint of a spoke, concentric to a same neighbouring circle.

9. Draw two spokes up to the cross-points of the last small circle and the large circle.

10. Repeat this for all 16 circles.

11. Construct a 16-pointed star by connecting the endpoints of all spokes with every second spoke and extending these lines until they meet, as shown.

12. The outer border is a circle concentric to the one of step 1, and passing through the points of the 16-pointed star of the previous step.

13. All necessary parts have now been constructed.

14. After removing all superfluous parts, the reconstruction of the 2000 South Field formation shows up.

courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
photo by: Francine Blake
The final result, matched with the aerial image.


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